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Mr Nigel Moyse

BSc (Warwick), BA (OU), MSc (NBU)

Mr Nigel Moyse started playing competitive chess over 40 years ago and has played in over 200 tournaments across Europe. This includes most notably the Rome Masters 1990 alongside over 20 grand masters. His novelty against David Bronstein in that tournament is cited in ‘The King’s Gambit’ by John Shaw. He also participated in the British Chess Championships in 2006. Mr Moyse has taught chess to adults and various age groups in schools and he continues to play at a high level. He is passionate about teaching chess to young people as it helps develop reasoning skills, problem solving, creative and strategic thinking and learning to deal with situations under time pressure. Mr Moyse is a practising psychotherapist and counsellor and accredited with the BACP. In his spare time, he also plays tennis and enjoys improving his foreign languages.